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Feature on CityTV News
Program uses boxing to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, December 30, 2016

Feature on CTV Toronto News
Boxing to fight off Parkinson’s, August 18, 2016

Featured in the Toronto Star
Rock Steady Boxing takes jab at Parkinson's disease, June 20, 2016

Rock Steady boxer interview on CBC radio
Fighting Parkinson's disease with boxing, June 10, 2016

Rock Steady Boxing is knocking out Parkinson’s
Rock Steady boxer interview on AM 640 radio, April 28, 2016

Feature on The National on CBC TV
Parkinson's patients do battle with their disease, 1 punch at a time, March 1, 2016

Press Releases

February 29, 2016
Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson’s is launching in Toronto!

Thank You

Thanks to all those who supported our first crowdfunding campaign.

The generous donors listed below, as well as many who chose to remain anonymous, contributed over $40,000 to help expand Rock Steady Boxing classes and get new boxers off of our waiting list and into the gym!

Your support is much appreciated and helps make a huge difference to people living with Parkinson's. Donate today.

Heavyweight Donors

Ingrid Tanner
Stephen Wolfraim

Middleweight Donors

Michael Borden
Ian Hembery
Mike Lyons
Grant Weightman

Welterweight Donors

Olivia Anderson
Brad Bell
David Boloten
Malcolm and Donna Bryce
Steve Burtch
Clare Corrigan
Michele Curtis
Susan Holden
Robert Horwitz
Sharon Jessup Joyce
George Klump
Adel Majd
Russ Manock
Adam Marx
Ian McClelland
Anna Narday
Howard Petrook
Andre Rehaut
Andre Rosenbaum
Jocelyne Salem
Katarina Simons
Randy Stroud
Darlene Watson
Jonah Wolfraim

Lightweight Donors

Paul Arlin
Michael Attwood
Bernard Blackstien
Joan C Bowman
Charlotte, Ashes, and Daisy
Sean Collins
Lisa Defoe
Roslyn Farmer
Donna Gottdenker
Ron Halton
Nick Hamley
Andrea Hampton
Dan Heimann
Stephen Hobson
Norah Jackson
Aj Juliani
Naz Marchese
Donald Resnick
Rob Tkatch
Charlie Wardell
Diane Watson
Shirley Worth

Featherweight Donors

Sandy and Gord Atlin
Aaron Avruskin
Josh Birman
Bill Brown
Alvin Brown, TCHPP (The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance)
Lita Button
Don and Sheila Churchill
Janine Farragher
Dave Finlay
The Fishers
Jim Forrester and Janet Jacob Hood
K Gane
AJ Goldberg
Linda Gorrie
Bob and Sheila Gould, Edinburgh
Harry Halyk
Kathryn Kates
Stan Kolodziejski
Bonnie Lyons-Cohen
Chris Maissan
James McClelland
Karim McDaniels
Rod Moore
Joanne Morrison
Zahra Nafar-Ross
Kimberley Nicole
Tiffany Onesi
Mathew Pottens
Grant Reichert
Chad Reynolds
Sari Shawn
Rebecca Stulberg
Mike Stulberg
Nancy Vichert
Debbie Warren